Ian Ritchie

Ian Ritchie has had a long and diverse career in music that shows no signs of letting up. He is a band member of The Roger Waters Band, Deaf School, Nat and the Noise Brigade, Tina T's 00 Soul, Ian Ritchie's SOHO Project, The Cricklewood Cats and the Harry Waters Band.

He has played and arranged for many studio recording sessions. Highlights include “Watching You, Watching Me” by David Grant, “The Beach Boys” by The Beach Boys, “Babylon The Bandit” by Steel Pulse, “See The Day” by Dee C. Lee, “Club Tropicana” by Wham, “C’est La Vie”  by Robbie Nevil and “Brilliant Trees” by David Sylvian.

His production credits include “Radio KAOS” by Roger Waters, “Strange Angels” by Laurie Anderson, “Sinful” by Pete Wylie, “Swimmer” by the Big Dish, and “Wolf” by Hugh Cornwell.

He has composed The “Lonely Planet” and “Globetrekker” themes for TV, produced innumerable TV ads including music for products such as Motorola, Chupa Chups, Coco Cola, McCains Ovenchips, L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson and MacDonalds. He also produced and co-wrote “She’s Having A Baby” from the eponymous John Hughes film.

Ian is currently active on the London jazz scene, practices daily, performs live as frequently as possible and is available for gigs, tours, sessions, productions and writing.